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To order your T-shirt please go to the Donations Page and then......

1. Send an email to Phil Bishop, stating whether you want a Unisex T-shirt or a female fitted (slightly V-neck, pictured below) T-shirt, the size you require, your postal address, and determine if the size is available. 

2. Donate at least $40 to NZFROG for New Zealand frog conservation and research. 

Current sizes available are UNISEX or FEMALE-V - S, M, L, XL,  2XL.

Any colour you like as long as its Black and Orange!   The rear of the T-shirt has a small Frog Recruitment logo, who kindly sponsor NZFROG in New Zealand. These are very good quality T-shirts and no refunds are accepted. Click here to go to the Donations page.
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