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Mining and Frogs

For the WEBINAR on the frogs and the problems caused by the potential mining in the Coromandel please click here or wait for it to load below (it may take a little while as its 73 minutes long!)

Thank you for making a submission to the New Zealand government to prevent them from mining in Archey's type locality - it appears we were successful!

The above picture shows the distributions of Archey's frogs and Hochstetter's frogs on the Coromandel Peninsula.  The areas outlined in red are the areas that the government plans to remove from Schedule 4 i.e. open up to mining.  You can see that the northern most area overlaps with good habitat of both species of frogs and includes Archey's type locality (where the frog was first discovered).  Make your submission now to STOP THE MINING by clicking on the link above.


Otahu Ecological Area (on the Coromandel)


The Government's Statement:

•The Otahu Ecological Area provides valuable habitat for North Island brown kiwi, Hochstetter's and Archey's frogs, as well as native fisheries. 

The Government's Conclusion:

Given the excellent potential for gold and silver in the area, the Otahu Ecological Area and the Parakawai Geological Area are proposed for removal from Schedule 4 so that applications for mineral activity can be considered on a case-by-case basis.

This didn't make sense to us, thanks for making a submission!