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Plight of the Frogs Party

The frog featured on the banner, a native New Zealand Archey's Frog, is about to disappear, become extinct and be lost from our world forever.

Therefore Frog Recruitment, in conjunction with its sponsors and suppliers, hosted a special Friday cocktail evening with a difference ...

Plight of the Frogs

A Party for Survival

7pm | 26th September 2008

City Art Rooms

Level 1, 28 Lorne St, Auckland CBD

Thanks to all our sponsors, the party was an amazing event (more photos to come, along with details about how much money was raised).

Phil Bishop and Suzy Cato

Magic Pond Sludge - the favourite drink!

Anna Coddington provided a fantastic unplugged rendition of her favouritie songs


Phil Bishop and Anna Coddington


Phil Bishop delivering his thank you speech to all the party-goers


A rose between two Bishops (Debbie Bishop, Lisa Daglish and Phil Bishop)

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