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Chytrid Conference

Conference and Workshop Announcement

Emerging Amphibian Diseases: A Preventable Cause of Mass Extinction?

23rd June – 1st July 2010
James Cook University
Townsville, Queensland, Australia

Join us in the tropical north of Australia for a combined conference and workshop on emerging amphibian diseases which are a major cause of the current mass extinction of amphibians.

A 5 day conference (23-27 June, including a field day) will highlight international research and management in the fields of epidemiology, microbiology, pathogenesis, virulence, immunity, bioaugmentation and treatment relating to chytridiomycosis.  One day will also be dedicated to other emerging amphibian diseases.

The 3 day workshop (29 June-1 July) following the conference is most suitable for researchers, wildlife managers, amphibian keepers and students new to the field of amphibian diseases.  We will help you to develop skills in diagnosis, microbial culture, field work, husbandry, necropsy, hygiene, treatment, study design and epidemiological analyses.

Details of registration and submission of abstracts will be available in February 2010. Students and researchers from developing countries may be eligible for financial assistance. Email to register your interest or click here for further details.