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Donations page currently being updated.


One of the best ways of helping out with the research and conservation effort is by making a donation.  No matter how large or small the donation, all proceeds take us a step closer toward our goal of maintaining the unique amphibians of New Zealand, and increasing our knowledge of these special animals through research.  



Why donate?

As well as manpower, all current and future research and conservation efforts require money.  This is a non-profit website dedicated to saving New Zealand’s amphibians, however without money many future projects may suffer.  Native frogs receive much less attention than charismatic, larger animals, such as kiwi and kakapo that inhabit this country, however they deserve the same amount of attention and respect as unique and archaic animals!
What your donations could achieve.
All proceeds will go towards current and future research projects and the fund is audited by the University of Otago.  Some important areas of research that are partly funded by contributions include:
•    Captive breeding programmes
•    Chytrid fungus research
•    Translocations of native frogs
•    Monitoring methodology and population studies
For a complete list of NZ frog projects that your funds would support click here.

Donations page currently being updated.