Information & resources on frog conservation.

Past students and helpers

Two of Ben’s recent post-graduate students worked on the Maud Island frog L. pakeka  – Jacqueline Le Roux completed her M.Sc. on the distributional range and population size of the population on Maud Island, while Kerri Lukis studied the frogs translocated to Karori Wildlife Sanctuary in Wellington, including the impact of house mice Mus musculus on their survival there, for her Ecological Restoration M.Sc thesis.


In earlier phases of study were two other significant M.Sc. studies: Alison Perfect studied the impact of 1080 on Archey’s and Hochstetter’s frogs in the Coromandel, under a Department of Conservation research contract, while Elizabeth Bell studied populations of Maud Island in Boat Bay (translocated animals) and in the main frog habitat there, both gaining M.Sc.

Archie.gif Amongst the many who have helped Ben in his field-work on frogs are: Neil Anderson, Brian Bell, Kate Bell, Paul Bell (UK), Paul Bell (NZ), Oliver Berry, Gemma Bowker-Wright, Gill Brackenbury, Derek Brown, Des Brownlee, Fin Buchanan, Scott Carver, Bill Cash, Rob Chappell, Mike Cogswell, Alison Cree, Michael Crossland, Charles Daugherty, Paulette Dewhurst, Raewyn Empson, Peter Gaze, Ron Goudswaard, Kelly Hare, Jean-Marc Hero, Joanne Hoare, Alan Hoverd, Johnathan Ingerson, Nadia Jones, Susan Keall, Emily King, Jacki Le Roux, Kerri Lukis, Leigh Marshall, Kim McConkey, Duncan McNiven, Mike Machura, Leigh Marshall, Nicola Mitchell, Richard Norman, Hugh Packer, Debbie Pain, Alison Perfect, Polly Phillpot, Chandra Ramarao, Bruce Robertson, Stephanie Rowe, Chris Smuts-Kennedy, Andrew Styche, Olwen Thompson, Tertia Thurley, Bruce Waldman, Steve Ward, Jan Whittaker, Jenny Whyte, Claire Wightman, Kevin Woo and Trevor Worthy.