Information & resources on frog conservation.

University of Otago Frog Conservation Group

The Research Group is led by Professor Phil Bishop.  There are three main strands to the group's research -


  • Leiopelma reproductive biology and conservationFrogtransponder.jpg

The native frogs in NZ are phylogenetically distinct and endemic to NZ.  They are all threatened with extinction and our group is looking at ways to assist captive breeding and to protect them in the wild. 
  • Frog communication

Leiopelma can be considered as 'earless' frogs as they lack the external and middle ear elements.  As most frogs communicate by producing calls, the communication systems of 'earless' frogs are fascinating areas of study. 

  • ChytridiomycosisRick_Lab_1.jpg

Chytridiomycosis has been blamed for many frog declines and extinctions worldwide and at Otago we have developed a cure that is effective in the laboratory.  Further research into how chytrids are spread and the effects of climate change on the host-disease relationship are being conducted.